AC Cleaning Service (Master Cleaning)

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Astha AC Cleaning Service (Master Cleaning)

Astha AC jet wash process typically involves the following steps:
Inspection: A professional technician will inspect the AC system to determine the location and severity of the buildup on the coils. This will help to determine the appropriate cleaning method and equipment needed.
Preparation: Before starting the cleaning process, the technician will turn off the power to the AC unit and remove any debris from the surrounding area. They will also cover the electrical components of the unit to protect them from water damage.
High-pressure water jet cleaning: The technician will use a high-pressure water jet to spray the coils from multiple angles, removing any buildup and debris. This process is typically completed in sections to ensure that the entire coil is cleaned thoroughly.
Final inspection: After completing the AC jet wash, the technician will inspect the coils to ensure that they are clean and free of any debris. They will also check the system’s performance to ensure that it is running efficiently.
In addition to improving the efficiency of your AC system and indoor air quality, AC jet wash can also provide other benefits.


Astha AC Cleaning Services (Master Cleaning)

AC Jet Wash, also known as AC cleaning or AC coil cleaning, is the process of removing dirt, dust, and debris from the air conditioning system’s condenser and evaporator coils using high-pressure water jets. AC jet wash is a crucial maintenance task that helps to ensure that your AC system is working at peak efficiency and can also improve indoor air quality.Get your desired AC Cleaning Services from Astha Cleaning Service. is one of the top cleaning service providers in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Available Services:

πŸ”˜Office Deep Cleaning Service
πŸ”˜Common Space Cleaning Service
πŸ”˜Kitchen Hood Cleaning Service
πŸ”˜Window Cleaning Service
πŸ”˜Bathroom Cleaning Service
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πŸ”˜AC Cleaning Service

Why Astha Cleaning Service:

– Professional cleaner
– Trusted and Experienced Cleaner
– Best Quality Cleaning Accessories
– Only service charge
– Deep cleaning
– Free Consultancy
– 100% Client satisfaction
– Affordable price
– Hassle-free service
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