801SFT To 1500SFT Carpet Cleaning Service

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Astha Carpet Cleaner Services

Get your desired Carpet Cleaning Services from Astha Cleaning Service. is one of the top cleaning service providers in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Carpet deep cleaning package included:
  1. Comprehensive Assessment: Our adept technicians initiate the process by conducting an in-depth evaluation of your carpets. This step involves pinpointing stains, challenges, and formulating a bespoke cleaning strategy.
  2. Intensive Pre-Vacuuming: Carpets undergo meticulous pre-vacuuming to eliminate loose particles, creating an optimal foundation for subsequent cleaning stages.
  3. Advanced Stain Treatment: Stubborn stains receive precise treatment with specialized solutions, addressing each blemish meticulously for optimal results.
  4. Cutting-Edge Cleaning Methods: Our package employs state-of-the-art techniques:
    • Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction): Infusing hot water and a specialized solution dislodges contaminants, with subsequent extraction revitalizing carpets.
    • Spotless Dry Cleaning: Special agents encapsulate and dissolve dirt, lifted away without excessive moisture.
    • Encapsulation Cleaning: Advanced polymers crystallize debris, effectively vacuumed to restore carpets’ pristine appearance.
  5. Optional Stain Protection: Following deep cleaning, opt for stain protection to prevent future spills and extend carpet life.
  6. Thorough Drying: Expert monitoring ensures proper drying, preventing mold or mildew growth.
  7. Enhanced Indoor Environment: Beyond appearance, our service improves indoor air quality by eliminating allergens and contaminants.
  8. Professional Expertise and Convenience: Our skilled team and cutting-edge equipment ensure a seamless experience, saving you time while enjoying expertly cleaned carpets.


Service Included:

  • Skilled cleaners
  • Use of professional cleaning equipment
  • Deep scar removal
  • Lowest service charge


Not Included:

  • Move heavy furniture
  • Repair


Best Carpet Cleaning in Dhaka

Astha Carpet Cleaner Services specializes in delivering top-tier maintenance and cleaning solutions for carpets in residences, workplaces, and commercial settings. Their team of adept professionals employs specialized techniques and advanced equipment to effectively extract dirt, stains, and allergens from carpets, leaving them rejuvenated and pristine.

Outlined below are the customary steps integral to a proficient carpet cleaning service:

1. **Thorough Assessment:** The technicians meticulously evaluate the carpet’s condition, identifying any blemishes or problematic spots, and determining the most suitable cleaning approach.

2. **Pre-Cleaning Vacuuming:** The carpets undergo a comprehensive vacuuming process to eliminate loose particles, dust, and debris both from the surface and the fibers.

3. **Targeted Stain Treatment:** Resilient stains and spots receive specialized cleaning solutions to facilitate their loosening and eventual removal.

4. **Cleaning Techniques:** Depending on the carpet’s type and extent of soiling, diverse cleaning methodologies may be employed. Common methods encompass steam cleaning (hot water extraction), dry cleaning, or encapsulation cleaning.

– **Steam Cleaning:** A blend of hot water and cleaning solution infiltrates the carpet, succeeded by the extraction of water and contaminants.
– **Dry Cleaning:** Specialized agents are applied, agitated, and then vacuumed off.
– **Encapsulation Cleaning:** Polymers are administered to encapsulate and crystallize dirt, subsequently vacuumed away.

Astha’s professional carpet cleaning services yield an array of advantages:

1. **Comprehensive Cleaning:** Technicians administer a thorough and deep clean to the entire carpet, employing the chosen method.
2. **Optional Stain Protection:** Following cleaning, an optional stain protection treatment can be applied to deter future spills and stains.
3. **Effective Drying:** Carpets are allowed to air dry naturally or with the aid of drying equipment, ensuring mold and mildew prevention.
4. **Embedded Dirt Removal:** The service effectively extracts embedded dirt, allergens, and stubborn stains that routine vacuuming might overlook.
5. **Enhanced Air Quality:** By substantially decreasing dust, allergens, and pollutants, indoor air quality is significantly improved.
6. **Prolonged Carpet Life:** Regular professional cleaning plays a pivotal role in extending carpet lifespan by removing abrasive particles responsible for wear and tear.
7. **Convenience:** Engaging professionals not only saves time but also ensures efficient carpet cleaning, thanks to their expertise and advanced equipment.

When deliberating on a sofa cleaning service, several key factors warrant consideration:

1. **Reputation and Experience:** Opt for a well-regarded company with positive customer feedback and a substantial industry track record.
2. **Certification and Training:** Verify the technicians’ proficiency and certification in upholstery cleaning techniques.
3. **Service Array:** Assess the range of services offered, encompassing cleaning methods, additional treatments, and supplementary services.
4. **Insurance and Guarantees:** Confirm the company’s insurance coverage and any warranties provided to safeguard against accidents or subpar results.

Bear in mind that regular professional carpet cleaning is pivotal in sustaining carpets’ aesthetics, hygiene, and longevity, fostering a hygienic and pristine environment.


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